Calendar, Tasks, and Events Management

Organize your tasks and events related to your transaction records in a fully functional calendar with a drag and drop functionality and email notification.

WorkVue Events Management System

Repeating Task / Events

Set up and schedule your task/events daily, weekly, and monthly.

Comparison View

Check other users' calendar for availability and better scheduling.

Drag and Drop

Manage your calendar easily and move calendar entries from one date/time to another.

Email Notification

Notify users with newly created and overdue events & tasks automatically.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage your leads, convert to accounts, process your quotation and generate your proposal documents in just simple steps.

WorkVue Customer Relationship Management Software


Manage, quality & convert your potential customers, franchisee and suppliers.

Contacts & Sites

Organize account contacts & branches.


Manage your account profiles converted from leads.


Generates and email your proposal.

Job Management

Build job specification, allocate work and generate job schedule easily and improve your job productivity.

WorkVue Job Managmenet System

Job Allocation

Assign jobs to active franchisee.

Job Transfer

Transfer jobs for new franchisee efficiency.

Job Schedule

Generate schedule automatically according to job specifications.

Job Cancellation

Cancel jobs easy and automatically stop recurring invoice, and update job schedules.

Invoice & Billing Management

Create and send invoices and billing quickly, with a simple process and ensure improvement in cash flow and operations.

WorkVue Billing and Invoice Management


Generates your sales invoices based from your jobs and orders.


Record payments for your sales invoice.

Integrate to Accounting system

Export your invoices , bills and other related information to Accounting systems such as Xero, MYOB and others..

Buyer-created Invoice

Generate and compute bills automatically from your sites invoices.


Generates your statements based from invoices and payments.

Recurring Templates

Set automatic invoices to be generated according to your chosen frequency based on your recurring jobs.

Customer Service Management

Maintain good quality service by scheduling & managing quality audits, recording complaints and breaches.

WorkVue Customer Service Management Software

Quality Audits

Create internal audits and setup automatic customer feedbacks.


Record breaches and related them to Complaints or Audits.


Organize issues and assign them franchisees for fast resolutions.

Customer Feedback

Manage feedbacks submitted by your clients for review or convert them as official complaints.

Franchise / Sub-Contractor Management

Process recruitments, organize franchise records and implement evaluation and training conveniently.

WorkVue Franchise Management Software

Franchisee / Sub-Contract Profiles

Manage franchisee/sub-contractor profiles, starter kits, vehicles, and staffs.


Setup evaluations for franchisees / sub-contractors based on their vehicles, security checks, staffs and equipment.


Document trainings for franchisees/sub-contractors


Enter your agreement details in the system including amendments for proper documentation.

Human Resources Management

Build job specification, allocate work and generate job schedule easily and improve your job productivity.

WorkVue Human Resource Management Software

Roster Calendar

Generate employee schedules and leaves in a calendar with fortnightly, weekly, monthly and daily views.

Employment Profile & History

Record employee profiles which includes personal and employment details, and historical salary.

Leave Application

Manage application and approval of leaves and automatically plot them to the roster calendar.

Document Management

Manage company documents such as memos, announcements and policies & procedures.

Customer Portal

Allow your customers reach to your team efficiently using the customer portal and let them manage their own information to your system.

WorkVue Customer Portal Software

Order & Pay Consumables Online

Allow customers to order directly to the system and allow them to pay it online.

File Issues/Concerns

Permit your customers to fill their concerns to the system and be notifies automatically.

Email Your Team

Allow your customers to email your team easily and efficiently through the portal.

Book Appointments

Let customers book meetings with you online and notify them back automatically upon confirmation.

Access & Pay Invoices

Allow your clients to access all generated invoices for them and let them pay it online using Paymark.


Easy access for job specifications, next audit and other notifications available for your customers online.

Discover how WorkVue makes streamlining, automating, collaborating and monitoring a whole lot easier in field service management.

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