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Field Work Made Easy? Really?

When it comes to giving life, color, movement and that relaxing ambiance for workplaces, Live Environments is sure to bring the meaningful difference. Live Environments provide fully serviced display aquariums for businesses, office, rest homes and restaurants in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Taranaki, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago. 

Recently, Live Environments Limited had a significant collaboration with WorkVue. WorkVue is a New Zealand based company that provides consulting and information technology services to enterprises specializing in the Field Service Management System. The aim is to provide quality, leading edge, cloud-based systems that support field service businesses in all aspects by unifying work with all the productivity tools in a single platform, streamline through automation, reduce inefficiencies, increase productivity and scale the business as the company focuses on what they do best.

Wanting to find ways on how to make their field work simplified and easy, Live Environments found their answer through WorkVue. With WorkVue’s “human touch” factor, the advice and personalized solutions were delivered right where Live Environments needed it the most.

When asked about the partnership with WorkVue, Live Environment’s CEO, Dinesh Battu has this to say: “WorkVue team was very responsive in all support requirements. It was as if they were our own IT Software Solutions team. They simply brought the results when it comes to high productivity, seamless communication and efficient collaboration because of the automated process provided specific to our business.”

With the help of WorkVue, Live Environments is now capable of making pro-active business decisions by having a 360 view of their business. Now they can spend more time attending to their customer’s needs and focus on their core business – to grow the franchise business of Live Environments across New Zealand.